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Statistics on Centenarians Don't Always Make Sense

While it’s true that people, in general, are living longer than ever, unfortunately there’s no guarantee that applies to everyone across the board. A recent study showed men and women in the lower 25 percent of socioeconomic status have not achieved the same average longevity as those in the highest quarter. We believe the reason…

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Watching the Markets with Interest

In March, the Federal Reserve decided to reign in its plan for raising rates this year, reducing the expected number of rate increases from four to two. The Federal Open Market Committee came away from its most recent meeting projecting an interest rate hike of .50 percent, down from the original projection of 1 percent.…

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The Complexity of Convenience

Forty years ago, you couldn’t grocery shop on Sundays. In fact, you couldn’t really do much shopping on Sundays at all. This tradition was rooted in the religious doctrine that on Sundays, we rest. Some stores still observe the Sabbath, but most indulge the habits and demands of consumerism. Not to mention higher revenues. It…

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