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More Retirees Heading for Hubs

When retirement is on the horizon, many people put their current hometown in the rearview mirror. As the retiree population continues its upward trajectory, we expect popular retirement destinations to grow right along with it. A recent study by McKinsey & Company identified 13 U.S. “retirement hubs” – cities that are most likely to experience…

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Crisis Management: Focus on What you can Control

How do you choose what to worry about? In the 24-hour news cycle, we’re hit from all directions with the latest “crisis” the world is facing. Obesity. Sleep deprivation. Student-loan debt. A shortage of biscuits. It’s constant and can be exhausting. That’s not even taking into consideration the “crises” we experience in our own personal…

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Equal Pay Debate Worth Another Look

What are we aiming for when it comes to equal wages these days? Sometimes it seems like a moving target. For example, should two workers doing the same job get the same pay? Or should the person who performs better receive more income, and is that judgment arbitrary or based on strict, measurable criteria? Should…

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