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Americans Entertain Entrepreneurial Ideas

When it comes to TV shows and movies, Americans have shown a recent obsession with the rise of entrepreneurs. “Shark Tank” is an annual Emmy nominee, and the feature film “Steve Jobs” took home a couple Golden Globes earlier this year. Perhaps it’s because many people lost their jobs during the recession, or maybe it’s…

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Retailers Innovate to Meet Shifting Needs

You can tell a lot about people by reviewing their purchase receipts. Where they shop, what restaurants they favor, where they prefer to buy gas. So, what can you tell by evaluating a huge database of receipts submitted over time by a large population of people? Retail trends. When researchers from Wharton School of Economics…

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Boomer Boom or Boomer Bust?

The phrase “boom or bust” refers to a scenario of great prosperity or economic growth followed suddenly by a period of decline. Some economists suspect the aptly termed “baby boomers” could potentially create just such a phenomenon during their twilight years. As the largest demographic group in history, baby boomers have been an important economic…

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